Message of the President

Your enrollment at SOUTHPOINT COLLEGE OF ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY (SCAT), INC. tells us that you understand and are willing to abide with our ministerial mission, vision, goals, objectives, operational policies, procedures and moral principles.

These principles exemplify the policies and rules detailed in the student and faculty manuals designed for SCAT managers, employees, and students.

These are behavioral expectations that serve as a guide to all Southpoint College of Arts and Technology (SCAT), Inc. employees and students in seeking to do what is right both in the sight of the Lord and in the eyes of humanity. This is a pledge to revere God and love their neighbors wholeheartedly. Southpoint College of Arts and Technology (SCAT), Inc., its employees, and its students commit themselves to demonstrate the ethical characteristics, values, and behaviors expected from a SCATIAN.


Thank you for joining SOUTHPOINT COLLEGE OF ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY (SCAT), INC. Whether you are beginning your college education, transferring in, or returning for another year, we are happy you are here!

We understand that individuals are molded by unique cultures and environments which they come from and recognize that each one represents a variety of family structures, schools and religions. We believe that you are motivated by different spiritual principles, moral standards, and levels of faith.

As you journey with us, we urge you to know the contents of SCAT’s Student Manual. This Manual was written to help you understand our ministerial mission, vision, goals, objectives, operational policies, practices, and moral principles for living together in our community. And as a member of our community it is your responsibility to abide not only by the SCAT rules and guidelines but by all governmental and regulatory agency requirements.

You are not here by chance, our Almighty God led you to our diverse community because He has wonderful plans for you. We look forward to getting to know each one of you personally, and will always seek to be an encouragement as God works out His plan within you!

Engr. Gabrielle Dominique T. Quijano
School PresidentEngr. Gabrielle Dominique T. Quijano

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